Sakarya University’s the largest, most active and most prestigious club SAUEMK is continues to give direction to the future with its mobile app. EMG (Industrial Engineering Days) is the most comprehensive event in 3 days to meet with expert and well-equipped business people, also have the opportunity to get acquainted with the industry. Together with experienced engineers, we lay the foundations of a strong career with our experienced industrial engineers. We are moving forward with technical steps and pieces of training that are frequently mentioned in business life and we are taking firm steps towards helping our friends who have the vision and career goals. Of course, we do not forget to have fun in such a busy career calendar. We are having a great time with dinners and nature camps, and we are planning to spend a full year with paintball, live music, and various sports activities. We are not forgetting people who need help while having fun, contributing to the community through book-gathering campaigns, a nursing home, and a child protection agency.

If you want to be a part of this team, why are you waiting? Come and join us!